Imogen Rose-Smith is featured on Impact Alpha’s: RETURNS ON INVESTMENT Podcast with David Bank, Brian Walsh, and Issac Silk discussing the role of finance in the social and environmental impact sphere. Below are a few past shows in which she joins the conversation. LISTEN TO RECENT PODCASTS→

Will Impact Investing Be Swimming Naked When the Tide Goes Out?

(Originally posted in Impact Alpha on November 27, 2019 here)

How impact investing will fare in the inevitable event of the next economic downturn is the topic of the most recent instalment of ImpactAlpha’s podcast Returns on Investment. Roundtable regulars Brian Walsh, David Bank and your “loveable curmudgeon” all agree that a slowdown, and …

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You Say You Want a Revolution…on Wall Street?

(Originally posted in Impact Alpha on March 2, 2016 here)

The Bolsheviks stormed St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace in 1917. A century later, a revolution seems to be coming to Wall Street.

It’s not just Bernie Sanders, who is calling for a political revolution to overthrow the “rigged economy.” No less an establishment figure than …

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Whither Impact Investment in a Global Economic Slowdown?

(Originally posted in Impact Alpha on Jan. 29, 2016 here)

The new year started with the worst stock market performance ever. As January ends, rising interest rates, falling commodity prices, devalued currencies and the slowdown in China confront investors with multiple challenges that are not likely to disappear anytime soon.
In that context, is …

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